specifications of Cobinkio space




    its's inside a huge creative hub. like a village with all sorts of crafts (& parties)




    100 m2


    lots of space to work, chillout, play pingpong or sip on coffee



    +/- 15 coworkers


    shouldnt get too crowded to work, yet not too empty to engage. 
    not every one will be in the office at the same time, but still we'll make sure we won't be overcrowded.



    catch a rainbow, and shine


    cross pollination


    the point of coworking is to give and receive new ideas, so you'll grow faster (hey and it's more fun than working alone)



    outsource to eachother


    get more things done by handing eachother projects. focus on your core competency and be better at it.


    Grow & Go

    incubate, flower & fly out


    stay for maximum 36 months (3 years). grow your projects, knowledge and network. then move out and conquer the world. 


    Ping Pong

    basic necessity


    there's this little thing called pingpong. www.pongstar.club is hosted in Cobinkio, and holds tournaments for entrepreneurs, every few weeks.



    1 price fits all

    75 €uro/month

    FULL TIME : unlimited access

    opened during evenings & weekends as well


    drop by whenever & howoften you want, for 1 price.


    you want to work 80 hours a week? We've got you covered. 

    or just hop by 4 hours a week? Hey, no problem. 


    use the form, Luke

    or email directly to work@cobink.io