• remote workers unite

    so you're living your dream: independent worker without a boss breathing down in your neck or colleagues distracting to reach your goals. You shoot for the moon, ride the glory all the way to victory.
    There's many other remote workers, scattered around town. Meeting up with people on the same journey can give a lot of energy & benefits.

    community beats home / coffeejoint

    working from home is awesome as you can write formal emails without anyone noticing you're actually in your underwear without having had a shower. However, not leaving the house can create a loss of productivity for various reasons.

    Working from a coffeejoint or lunchroom can be noisy & distracting, and the sense of community is low. It seems for free, but there's a moral obligation to consume from their expensive kitchen, and there's no fridge to keep your own food.

    Working from a co-working space is the solution to keep your mind & company growing.

    meet Cobinkio

    work with other international entrepreneurs, for a price anyone can afford (much lower than elsewhere).
    It's not set up to make huge profits from renting out desks. We're about creating an environment people will thrive in, which creates personal profits for everyone on board.

    Bring a positive vibe & feel good. It will pay off in many ways.


    specifications of Cobinkio space




    its's inside a huge creative hub. like a village with all sorts of crafts (& parties)




    200 m2


    lots of space to work, chillout, play pingpong or sip on coffee



    up to 20 coworkers


    shouldnt get too crowded to work, yet not too empty to engage.
    not every one will be in the office at the same time, but still we'll make sure we won't be overcrowded.
    however: as soon as we'll reach maxiumum people, we'll hire a larger space.


    catch a rainbow, and shine


    cross pollination


    the point of co-working is to give and receive new ideas, so you'll grow faster (hey and it's more fun than working alone)



    outsource to eachother


    get more things done by handing eachother projects. focus on your core competency and be better at it. Maybe there's someone in the office who you fit with.


    ps : no obligations, just theoretically optional ;p



    incubate & flower


    grow your projects, knowledge and network.
    then conquer the world.


    Ping Pong

    basic necessity


    there's this little thing called pingpong. www.pongstar.club is hosted in Cobinkio, and holds tournaments for entrepreneurs, every few weeks.



    1 price fits all

    99 €uro/month

    FULL TIME : unlimited access

    opened during evenings & weekends as well


    drop by whenever & how often you want, for 1 price.

    want to work 100 hours a week? We've got you covered.

    or just hop by 3 hours a week? Hey, no problem.


    invoices go per 2 months. you can always leave whenever you want, or stop the subscription if you're planning a long holiday.

    no lock-ins.


    use the form, Luke

    or email directly to work@cobink.io